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The world’s premier third-party appraisal, grading, and certification tool for cannabis and hemp.

Reliable and trustworthy quality verification priced by the certificate, by the gram, or by the month.


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Why Big Tree?

Standards, Trust & Transparency

The data is in. Graded material sells for a fair market value, has 90% less returns, and creates long-term relationships. Third-party grading is the foundation of trust and transparency. As a third-party tool, Big Tree utilizes industry standards and procedural guidelines to ensure consistent quality-verified material across all cultivators. Licensed operators receive an objective qualitative analysis allowing them to confidently buy and/or sell material at scale and distance. 

Grading Standards

Big Tree uses the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS) worldwide grading standard to assess all types of cannabis material and products. The 100-point grading scale is an objective, third-party standard developed to determine the quantitative and qualitative data of cannabis material. At Big Tree, we use this standard to provide a Certificate of Grade.

Fair Market Pricing

Grading ensures sellers are receiving and buyers are paying fair market prices for their material by comparing it to objective, impartial market data and trends.

Pricing Appraisal

Confidently know the value of the material before you buy or sell. Our appraisal, based on transactional trends, includes real-time data of similar products and quality, from a very specific time frame. Pricing appraisal is decided by market data together with qualitative analysis.


Data informs, empowers, and drives sound decision-making. Our insights come from six years, thousands of visits, 100k+ lbs of graded material, and 10s of millions of dollars of transactions of wholesale, bulk cannabis trade. Strategically plan and execute your business with accurate qualitative market data.

Get trustworthy pricing for your cannabis in three easy steps.

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We visit and grade your material

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Receive your Certificate of Grade and information on product insights that empower your sales offering and add value to your purchasing decisions.

We add value, transparency and trust to all facets of the industry.

If you work in cannabis, we can help

All other commodity markets utilize and require standards, third-party appraisal and grading. Successful sales require qualitative information to be available. Emerging from the legacy market, cannabis deserves and requires the same level of transparency and trust in the supply chain as any other commodity product.

You wouldn't buy apples from a wholesaler without knowing the quality. You wouldn't be confident you're receiving a fair price for your apples without qualitative data to back it up. Take charge of your footing in the supply chain with accurate, fair and trustworthy certified grading. 

Who Benefits From Grading Standards?



• Buyers & Sellers of Cannabis and Hemp
• Growers
• Processors
• Manufacturers
• Distributors
• Multi-State Operators (MSO’s)


• Marketplaces & Exchanges
• Brokerages and Brokers/Agents
• Insurance Companies


• Brands
• Retailer & Dispensaries
• Consumers

Big Tree utilizes the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards' (ICHS)

100-point scale process to guide our grading, scoring, and certification. Each lot of cannabis inspected and graded by Big Tree is certified using the ICHS to ensure consistency, accuracy, and equity throughout the supply chain. Our proprietary technology is trained, certified, and required to be up-to-date on ICHS process, standards, and procedures at all times.

Learn more about the ICHS.

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