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The Facts

Big Tree was founded in 2016 in Seattle, Washington by Aperon CEO Jhavid Mohseni.

We are a subsidiary of parent company Aperon Corporation.

Big Tree's mission is to provide objective, accurate data ensuring trust and transparency.

Big Tree is the ONLY company offering grading and appraisal services to the cannabis and hemp industry.

We grade, appraise and certify tens of thousands of pounds and millions of dollars worth of material monthly.

Big Tree has developed proprietary technology to efficiently grade, appraise and certify cannabis and hemp material.   


Big Tree's team has visited over 1000 legally operating facilities and operations.

Big Tree is based in Washington State and is expanding nationally.

We use the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS) to quality-verify material, and streamline our grading process.  

Big Tree quality-verifies the majority of product sold through Tamerlane.

Big Tree provides all clients with a free visit, allowing operators to experience the difference between quality-verified versus non-verified.   

We support and work directly with licensed cannabis and hemp operators, brands, insurance companies, marketplaces, and independent brokers and brokerages.