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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Contact us at, or 206-900-6182 (206)-GRADING

How much does it cost?

Your first visit is free, allowing you to experience the difference our services make. Please visit our pricing page for a complete breakdown of our services and costs.

What do I get when I grade my cannabis or hemp?

What you will receive depends on the service level chosen.

If you choose to get your material graded by the gram, you will receive a Certificate of Grade (COG) for each lot, which includes a material profile, applicable lab and testing information, pricing data (including appraisal price and appraisal range), along with a qualitative grading analysis of all four attributes and a total grade/score.

If you choose Big Tree Business (Grading as a Service), you will receive all of the above, plus scheduled weekly or monthly visits, best practice consultation support and market data insights reporting according to the package chosen.

Can I just get your appraisal service or do I have to have my material graded, and certified too?

If you'd only like your material appraised, we provide that as our least expensive and entry option. 90% of our clients sign up for a monthly subscription after their 1st free visit because of the tremendous value included in our Grading as a Service offering.

How long does it take to grade my inventory?

In many cases, our team can grade, appraise and certify your inventory within 48 hours, and sometimes on the same day that you request our service. This is dependent on the quantity of material, number of lots that need grading, as well as your location and hours of operation.

How do I know I can trust your grading process?

We have graded over 300,000lbs of cannabis, visited over 1000 legal operations and been in operation since 2016. Our grading is based on the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS), an independent Non-Profit Organization which was created to help operators and the industry scale by creating qualitative standards, providing trust and transparency to each and every gram bought and sold.

To ensure that you see the value in what we offer before you buy, we provide a free visit to each and every customer so that you can see first hand and experience our service. In the case that our services don’t live up to your expectations we would appreciate your feedback in order to help us improve and address your input directly.

How quickly can you get here/how long do I have to wait for you to show up?

We can usually perform our grading services within 48 hours, and sometimes even the same day. We know it’s important to get your product to market as soon as possible.

You mention a standard. Where is this standard published and how ‘standard’ is it?

Big Tree’s grading is based fully on the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS). Our grading specialists are trained and certified annually according to the ICHS standards, processes and procedures.

Do I have to send my inventory to a lab in order to get it graded?

No. Lab testing is not required for your material to be graded. Lab testing is valuable quantitative data that typically adds value to your material because it provides transparency to your product. Having your material tested by a licensed lab for potency, terpenes, pesticides and heavy metals is usually recommend in order to maximize your materials value and salability.

Does your grading process require any samples and will it damage my material?

In certain cases we may require up to a 1-3gram sample per lot. In most cases our grading is non-invasive and does not result in the destruction of material.

What if I don’t agree with your grading standard?

Big Tree provides a complimentary first visit allowing each client to see the value our services provide from first hand experience. The ICHS standard we use is an open non-profit organization made up of passionate people who are committed to the evolution and improvement of the standard as our burgeoning industry evolves and changes. We invite you to provide us with feedback as well as engage directly with the ICHS as there are always opportunities to join advisory meetings to challenge and improve the current standard.

Can I use this on my own?

Our representatives have all completed the Big Tree training program and continue to receive ongoing education. They are also certified annually by the ICHS. We are however always looking for new teammates and new territory partners. Contact us if you’d like to join the team.

I'm located outside of Washington State, can I use this?

We are expanding nationally. If you are interested in our services please reach out, we'd love to connect.

Who audits Big Tree?

Big Tree’s grading services are continuously confirmed through tens of thousands of transactions happening everyday in the marketplace. The open market dictates the valuation of the grade which validates if it is correct. Based on this, Big Tree refines and adjusts our grading and valuation processes using this data and market feedback. Ultimately the ICHS audits Big Tree and our grading certificates based on its documented processes.